URiM Resident Mentorship Program

In 2021, we launched a mentorship program for URiM residents led by Dr. Zainab Jaji. There are two components of this program.

  • One-on-one mentoring with a faculty member in a tailored match based on the incoming intern’s career goals and goals for mentorship. Approximately half of the mentors in this program are URiM faculty.
  • Participation in thematic mentorship communities. Each community consists of 6 – 15 residents across all training years with 2 faculty co-leaders who meet quarterly at a restaurant or faculty’s home. This initiative aims to enhance support, create a sense of belonging and allow for peer mentorship amongst our URiM trainees.

Our current mentorship communities are:

  1. Dismantling Inequities in Healthcare
    Drs. Valerie Stone and Lachelle Weeks, Senior and Junior Faculty Leads
  2. Community Engagement and Partnerships
    Drs. Fidencio Saldana and Cristina Toledo-Cornell, Senior and Junior Faculty Leads
  3. Medical Education
    Drs. Nora Osman and Margee Louisias, Senior and Junior Faculty Leads
  4. Global Health Equity
    Drs. Daniel Palazuelos and Zainab Jaji, Senior and Junior Faculty Leads

Additionally, our faculty mentors participate in annual workshops on “Mentoring Across Differences.” This additional training equips our faculty mentors with the skills to build trust and create a safe space for conversations about differences and its impact. These workshops are facilitated by Drs. Barbara Gottlieb, Nora Osman, and Zainab Jaji.