Fellow Recruitment, Retention, and Support

URiM Fellows

Our fellowship initiatives for URiM fellows are led by Dr. Christopher Estiverne (Director) and Dr. Nicolette Rodriguez (Co-Director).

We have worked with clinical fellowship program and division leadership on several tools to advance the recruitment and retention of URiM fellows. A cornerstone for this strategy has been ensuring that all programs have clear and accessible information on the number and percentage of their fellows from URiM groups and sharing this across the department so that the fellowships are aware of how they compare with one another. Incoming fellows for AY24 are approximately 23% URiM and 49% women. The DOM hosts an annual URiM Subspecialty Recruitment Reception, held virtually for the past three years.

Support and Programs

One of the most innovative aspects of the Department of Medicine’s diversity and inclusion strategy is to enhance the focus on retaining URiM subspecialty and other physician fellows to further diversify our faculty.

  • We have worked with division leadership to identify all URiM fellows across the Department, and to develop and expand a mentoring program for them.
  • URiM fellows are welcomed into the department’s URiM faculty community with an invitation to join the monthly Minority Faculty Development series, which provides an opportunity for them to network with URiM faculty as well as to acquire career-advancing information and skills.
  • URiM fellows are also invited to all community-building events to enhance their connections and increase the likelihood that they will choose to remain at BWH following fellowship.
  • We offer a variety of programming throughout the year, including sessions on use of social media, financial planning, and other topics.

URiM Fellows on Twitter

Our URiM Fellows have taken to Twitter to highlight why they value training at BWH! Meet some of our extraordinary fellows and hear from them what they love about their experience – and be sure to follow our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion activities at @Brigham_DI. Featured fellows include Maria Pabón, MD, Cardiology Fellow; Ramón Rodríguez, MD, Palliative Care Fellow; Edwin Mandieka, MD, Cardiology Fellow; and AC Gomez, MD, Med-Peds Nephrology Fellow – among others!


Dr. Stone has collaborated with division chiefs and administrators to create attractive offers for URiM fellows completing their fellowship. Substantial effort has also put into accelerating the timeline of fellow offers to put them on schedule or ahead of competing offers, further increasing the likelihood that they would be accepted.